Monday, June 25, 2007

Going To Pittsburg With My World and my Dog

This one needs a little explaining. This traveler was walking on his way to Pittsburg from Louisville Ky. to raise awareness for diabetes. he lost mother to the disease and he said she was his whole world. so he's taking her with him on his journey. I'm sure she would be bursting with pride if she could see him now. Maybe she can?.........

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Price of Freedom is etched on this wall

The traveling Vietnam Wall was in Louisville, Ky this past weekend. I can only say it was a very moving experience to be there and to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers whose names are forever remembered.

One day in September that changed our lives

This photo was compiled from three different images for some of my editorial work.

Live! from Fourth Street Louisville......

This is my favorite image of the entire bunch.
I shot only about 100 frames over all and this one
Kinda says it all. Live for the moment.......

Startin' out in the music biz

Must be the hair, but this budding rock star
had the girls screaming just like Elvis used to.